Interested in Joining other growers in the Next Level Program?

The Next Level Program & YMS System

Learn the farming practices that allowed Dowdy and Hula to set World Yield Records on Corn and Soybeans.


Randy Dowdy & David Hula have reached yields that most others can only dream of.  The Next Level program is "their" program but adapted to "your" needs!!

Interact with growers in your region as well as all throughout the US. Learn from each other!


No other program out there brings growers together to in a fashion that Next Level does.  Growers learn from each other as well as from specialists and on the farm visits from Dowdy and Hula, and others.   

Utilize grower driven data in the YMS software to understand factors that directly affect yield.


The proprietary YMS (Yield Management System) software is used to track all aspects of the crop.  The data is put in by growers and is built so that growers can use it easily.  The result is a powerful tool unlike any available elsewhere

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Plant Analysis Pricing

Next Level Member enjoy substantial pricing benefits for plant tissue analysis!!!

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Next Level Members enjoy free UPS ground sample shipping and heavy discounts on Next Day delivery. of samples to our lab!

Soil Analysis Pricing

Next level Members enjoy substantial pricing benefits for soil test analysis!!!

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Find out how sponsoring a next level group can help your business and the farmers you work with!!!!

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