Sampling Services


Precision Ag Soil Sampling

We can meet all or any of your precision ag sampling needs!  The members of our lab sampled over 500,000 acres of soil this past season in 21 different states!!  So, no project is too large or too small for us to handle.  We utilize Wintex automated samplers for non frozen ground or Big John Auger samplers for when the ground is frozen.   We also have hand drills, hand probes, and spades available.  We offer multi depth sampling as well.


Precision Ag Software & Alliance Ag Solutions

  • Through our membership group Alliance Ag Solutions we have banded together to achieve bulk pricing discounts on several precision ag software platforms.  It is much cheaper to purchase software for several hundred thousand acres vs. just a few.    We utilize these software solutions ourselves and we also offer them for others through Alliance Ag Solutions.  If you are interested in becoming a member and saving money on your precision ag needs please contact the office at 229-775-2426.   Below are some of the solutions we work with.
  • Ag Studio (Mapshots)
  • Field Alytics (EFC Systems)
  • Agrian
  • Field X
  • Soilution
  • Summit
  • Farm Logs
  • We also offer other technologies including Veris Soil Zone Mapping,  Zone sampling by soil type,  Drone imagery, Fixed wing imagery, satellite imagery.   The technologies can be useful in determining yield estimates, showing stress areas of the crop, etc.


Precision Ag = $$$ and its not just peanuts!!

Well,  I guess it could be just peanuts if that is what you grow!!!  Study after study after study have consistently shown the value of using Precision Ag practices on your farm!  We offer many pricing options as well as discounts on contract sampling for retailers, other agronomist, or larger growers with numerous acres to sample.   We are certain that our sampling prices reflect the absolute best value in the industry!