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Pricing Details for Soils

We believe that our laboratory offers the best price value per sample available.  We utilize the top technologies available in our analysis processes, our turn around time and customer service is as good and any competitor lab in the business, and the variety of testing methods and recommendations that we offer is second to none.   Our lab is owned by agronomists who utilize the data that is produced each and every day, so we have designed our lab to meet the those needs.  Inexpensive, high quality, rapid testing with a variety of methods and recommendations!!  We believe we offer the best value in the soil testing market to date!

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Soil Extraction Methods

The two most common extraction methods that our lab uses are Mehlich 1 and Mehlich 3.   The Mehlich 1 uses a weaker acid and is the most common soil extraction method used in the Southeast, where soils are lighter and more acidic.  The Mehlich 3 extractant, also termed "the universal extractant", is made up of stronger acids and is more common in the Mid South and Midwest where soil are heavier with higher clay content and typically not as acidic.    Other extraction methods include Lancaster, Bray 1,  Olsen, and Morgan, however we currently do not offer these extractions methods at our Georgia location.  Our partner lab in Mississippi does offer the Lancaster extraction method.  

Analytical Equipment

Our laboratory uses Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometry (ICP-OES) for the nutrient analysis of the following:  Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Sulfur (S), Boron (B), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo),  and Aluminum, (Al), as well as others upon request.  These instruments utilize the most advanced technology currently available for nutrient analysis for soils and plants and are the most commonly used instrument found in agricultural testing laboratories worldwide, for nutrient testing. We maintain 6 of these instruments equipped with high speed auto samplers that utilize the FAST system which allows for samples to be analyzed rapidly (see pic).

For Nitrogen Analysis we utilize the Leco 928 series analyzer which is the most advanced Nitrogen analyzer on the market.  We also utilize multiple Elementar Nitrogen Analyzers.  

Our lab uses robotics for pH analysis as well as having manual stations.  We utilize both combustion and/or muffle furnace methods (LOI) for Organic Matter determinations.   

Turnaround Time for Soils

Our laboratory typically has sample results available within 48 hours or two business days from the receipt of the sample at our lab.  However, there are times when sample volume is extremely high or when we have scheduled maintenance on equipment that turn around times may be 72 hours or longer.   It is RARE that we exceed  more than 5 business days on soil sample turnaround time.  If you have not received your samples within this time frame then you should call the lab as something may wrong.  PLEASE REMEMBER Saturday and Sunday are not business days...although our lab typically remains open on Saturdays during busy times.

Shipping Supplies

We provide free shipping labels via UPS.   We also provide sampling supplies (bags), and boxes.  To qualify for free shipping each box must contain a minimum of 15 soil samples.   If a box contains less than 15 samples then shipping fees will be incurred by the client.  

Web Portal for Clients

We offer our clients access to an online web portal in which reports can be viewed,  turnaround time is shown, crops can be changed, reports combined, and a variety of other options.   Please contact the office to set up your username and password. Follow the link on this site to for portal access.

Soil Analysis / Price List

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