Our Story

Independent, Agronomist Owned, Grower Centered Analytics!

Our laboratory was formed in 2001 as an in house laboratory for our Agronomic Services & Consulting group.  In 2002 we opened our doors to the general public.  Our original goals and intentions were to simply provide our own agronomist members with excellent analytics,  the ability to run samples multiple times, retest as many times as necessary if we felt the need, and basically have overall input into the way our samples were being handled and processed. We also were committed to figuring out ways to do things efficiently and with excellent service to our members and our clients.   As you can probably understand this  approach was well received by our growers and as the word spread our sample volume increased substantially.  

Today, our agronomist stockholder members consult with growers on over 500,000 acres of crop land throughout the Southeastern United States and provide soil sampling and plant tissue analysis on these acres and over 30 different cropping systems.   However, as proud as we are of our members, its also the non member customers that send samples to our lab each and every day that we are equally as proud of.  We currently have clients in over 32 states and increasing each day.  We also receive samples from clients in Mexico as well as other international farms.  

In 2017 we purchased the majority interest in Southern Soil and Plant Lab (SSPL) in the Mississippi Delta.  SSPL is also an Independent Agronomist owned laboratory and we are excited about the potential for expansion of that facility going forward.   It is our belief that building a network of laboratories that are owned by members that are interested in non biased, grower centered analytics is essential for balance in an ever increasing world of labs that are being owned by corporations that provide the agricultural inputs that they are in the business of recommending.   That just doesn't seem like a healthy development for growers in our opinion! 

We think the proper paradigm would be for labs to be owned by a combination of independent agronomists, growers, and retailers in a fashion where everyone has a voice but the controlling interest of the lab is still maintained by the independent agronomist.  

Thank your for reading about our lab and our vision and thank your for your support!

Tim Kelly, President