Plant Tissue Analysis


Plant Analysis Methods

Our laboratory utilizes a nitric/perchloric acid digestion, which we believe gives us a more complete digestion than many other laboratories that utilize hydrogen peroxide/nitric digestions.   We have tested multiple methods including microwave digestion but we remain convinced that the perchloric acid allows for a more complete digestion of organic matrix's especially those with high lignin and calcium content.

Pricing Details for Plants

Analytical Instrumentation for Plants

Nitrogen Analysis for plant tissue is done using the Leco 928 Series analyizer (pictured).  We also have multiple Elementar Nitrogen Analyzers that along with the Leco 928 are capable of Total Carbon and Total Nitrogen determinations.  These combustion analyzers are considered the standard for plant tissue nitrogen analysis.   The nitric/perchloric acid digestions are performed with specialized fume hoods that pull the fumes away and scrub them with water to prevent salts accumulation.    The Final nutrient analysis is done with Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectorophotometry (ICP-OES).   

Turn-around Times for Plant Analysis

 Our laboratory typically has sample results available within 48 hours or two business days from the receipt of the sample at our lab.  However, there are times when sample volume is extremely high or if we have scheduled maintenance on equipment, that turn around times may be 72 hours or longer.   It is RARE that we exceed  more than 5 business days on sample turnaround time.  If you have not received your samples within this time frame then you should call the lab as something may wrong.  PLEASE REMEMBER Saturday and Sunday are not business days...although our lab typically remains open on Saturdays during busy times.   We do offer a 24 or 48 hour Assurance Program for those who are interested.  There is additional fees associated with the assurance programs.  Please see pricing information below for details.

Shipping & Supplies

 We provide free shipping labels via UPS.   We also provide sampling supplies (bags), and boxes.  To qualify for free shipping each box must contain a minimum of 15 soil samples.  FOR UPS GROUND:  If a box contains less than 10 samples then shipping fees will be incurred by the client.   FOR UPS NEXT DAY AIR: if a box contains less than 20 samples, shipping fees will be incurred by the client.

Weekly Nutrient Tracking Analysis vs. Standard Analysis

Some crops, where we have done extensive research, there are established critical and optimal levels by week of growth, GDU, or growth stage.   On these crops it allows growers to tissue sample often (usually weekly) and track the crop nutrients relative to the optimal levels or critical levels for each week of growth.  The reports are accumulated each week and a chart is displayed that shows the relative values.    The Standard analysis is a traditional low, sufficient, high, very high method based on established growth stages.   

Online Web Portal Access for Clients

  •  We offer our clients access to an online web portal in which reports can be viewed,  turnaround time is shown, crops can be changed, reports combined, and a variety of other options.   Please contact the office to set up your username and password. Follow the link on this site to for portal access. 

Plant Analysis Price List

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